§ 10.21 HEARINGS.
   (A)   General. Unless otherwise provided in this code, or by law, every public hearing required by law, ordinance or resolution to be held on any legislative or administrative matter shall be conducted in accordance with this section.
   (B)   Notice. Every hearing shall be preceded by ten days’ mailed notice to all persons entitled thereto by law, ordinance or regulation unless only published notice is required. The notice shall state the time, place and purpose of the hearing. Failure to give the notice or defects in it shall not invalidate the proceedings if a good faith effort has been made to comply with this division (B).
   (C)   Conduct of hearing. At the hearing, each party in interest shall have an opportunity to be heard and to present such evidence as is relevant to the proceeding. The Council may adopt rules governing the conduct of hearings, records to be made and such other matters as it deems necessary.
   (D)   Record. Upon the disposition of any matter after hearing, the Council shall have prepared a written summary of its findings and decisions and enter the summary in the official Council minutes.
(1978 Code, § 100.05)