Section 10.6. Publication of Notices; Proceedings and Ordinances.
   Notices of proceedings requiring publication and all ordinances, including emergency ordinances, shall be published, before they become operative, once in any newspaper generally circulated in the City or order such notices of proceedings or ordinances printed and posted in at least five (5) public places within the City, one of which shall be posted prominently at the usual place of meeting of the Council. The Clerk shall enter in the Clerk's records immediately after such publication a certificate of publication or posting stating the date and the name of the newspaper in which such publication was made or list of places where such postings were made. Such certificate shall be evidence, if uncontested, of the due publication of such notice of proceedings or ordinances. In addition, the certificate of publication of ordinances shall be entered in The Ordinance Book in a designated blank space just following the ordinance to which the certificate refers. The City Council shall by resolution determine the number of copies of each ordinance to be available at cost for public distribution.