A.   Minimum Requirements: In interpreting and applying the provisions of this title, they shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, and general welfare. Where this title imposes a greater restriction than is imposed or required by other provisions of law or by other rules or regulations or ordinances, the provisions of this title shall prevail.
   B.   Scope: This title classifies and regulates the use of land, buildings, and structures within the city limits as hereinafter set forth. The regulations contained herein regulate the use of land as to height and number of stories of buildings, coverage of the land by buildings, size of yards and open spaces, density of population and location and use of buildings.
   C.   Application Of Provisions: Except as hereinafter otherwise provided, no land shall be used and no building, structure, or improvement shall be made, erected, constructed, moved, altered, enlarged, or rebuilt which is designed, arranged, or intended to be used or maintained for any purpose or in any manner except in accordance with the regulations in this title.
   D.   Separability: Should any section or provision of this title be declared by the courts to be unconstitutional or invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of this title as a whole or any part thereof other than the part so declared unconstitutional or invalid. (Ord., 2-6-1978)