The Fiscal Court hereby assures the Federal Insurance Administration that it will take legislative action as follows:
   (A)   Maintain in force for those areas, adequate land use, and control measures with effective enforcement provisions consistent with the criteria set forth in § 1910 Subpart A of the National Flood Insurance Regulations;
   (B)   Take such other official action as may be reasonably necessary to carry out the objectives of the program. Such actions will include but not be limited to:
      (1)   Assisting the Federal Insurance Administrator, at his or her request, in delineating the limits of the floodplain having special flood hazard on available local maps of sufficient scale to identify the location of the building sites;
      (2)   After flood insurance is made available, furnishing representatives of the National Flood Insurers’ Association (also appropriate federal or state agencies, upon request) information concerning new or substantially-improved structures within the area of special flood hazard. This information will include floor elevations and, if there is a basement, the distance between the first floor and the bottom of the lowest opening where water flowing on the ground will enter;
      (3)   Cooperating with federal, state, and local agencies which undertake to study, survey, map, and identify floodprone areas as well as cooperating with neighboring jurisdictions with respect to adjoining floodplains in order to prevent aggravation of the flooding problem; and
      (4)   Providing the name of the individual and the office that will be responsible for furnishing the first floor elevation information.
   (C)   The Fiscal Court hereby appoints the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission and its agents with the responsibility, authority, and means to implement the commitment made herein.
(Res. passed 4-6-1973)