(A)   Heretofore, the County Commissioners approved a grant application for the County Probation Department regarding drug screening program, which application was granted by the federal government, the Department receiving the sum of $2,500.
   (B)   As part and parcel of the federal grant awarded to the County Probation Department, the county is required to raise a minimum sum of $833 to assist in the drug test cost, the funds to be paid by the individuals being tested by the Probation Department in accordance with the fee adjustment guideline.
   (C)   The Board of Commissioners of the county does hereby authorize the County Probation Department or any authorized agent thereof to collect from each individual being screened for drugs by use of a urine test and to establish the fee as it shall determine to be necessary based upon the costs of the tests and the necessity that the Department collect not less than $833 as the county’s matching portion of the federal grant as hereinabove set forth.
   (D)   The Board of Commissioners of the county do hereby further authorize and direct that the funds thus collected by the County Probation Department shall be turned over to the County Auditor and be placed in a separate account with other funds represented by the federal grant from which the County Probation Department may withdraw any necessary funds based upon claims to be presented and approved by the County Board of Commissioners for any appropriate expenditure as provided for and permitted in the federal grant, which by reference is incorporated herein and made a part hereof.
(Ord. 91-3, passed 2-11-1991)