(A)   No building permit shall be issued until an official road address number has been assigned for that lot.  The record plat of any subdivision hereafter recorded must show the road address number for each lot created or recorded.
   (B)   No zoning certificate of occupancy and compliance or building inspection certificate of compliance shall be issued by the Planning and Zoning Department or the Building Inspections Department until the road address number for that building or lot is properly displayed.
   (C)   Owners and occupants of buildings already constructed which do not comply with this subchapter will be notified and requested to meet these requirements within 60 days from the date of the notification.  A warning notice will be issued after 60 days if the requirements have not been met.  If the owner or occupant does not comply voluntarily with this subchapter within 30 days of delivery of a warning notice by registered or certified mail or by hand delivery to the building in violation, enforcement action pursuant to G.S. § 153A-123 may be initiated. This subchapter may also be enforced by appropriate equitable remedy issued by a court of competent jurisdiction including but not limited to issuance of mandatory or prohibitory injunctions and orders of abatement. Each day of continuing violation of the terms of this subchapter shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.
(Res. passed 10-7-91)