§ 150.22  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   If the Dare County Airport Authority has determined that the provisions of this subchapter have been violated, it shall notify the Dare County Building Inspector of the violations.  It shall be the duty of the Dare County Building Inspector to enforce the regulations of the Airport Overlay (AO) District, but only after being advised of a violation by the Dare County Airport Authority.
   (B)   Each violation of the Airport Overlay (AO) District or of any regulation, order, or ruling promulgated hereunder shall be punishable as provided by G.S. § 63-35, as amended.
   (C)   Dare County may institute in any court of competent jurisdiction, an action to prevent, restrain, correct, or abate any violation of this Ordinance, pursuant to G.S. § 63-35, as amended.
(Ord. passed 4-4-2005)