(A)   Zones. For purposes of emergency dispatch ambulance services within the corporate limits of the city where no request is made by the patient, the city shall be broken into two zones, as determined by the License Officer. A map of the zones shall be provided to each of the ambulance services as well as to any dispatching authority.
   (B)   Each ambulance service licensed pursuant to this chapter shall operate for purposes of emergency dispatch services pursuant to subsection (A) for alternating one month periods in each of the zones described in subsection (A).
   (C)    Each licensed ambulance service shall comply with all emergency dispatch  procedures established by the 911 Dispatch Center and any dispatching agency for the City’s  police and fire departments.
   (D)   An ambulance service shall not respond to any requests for emergency assistance  unless it is in compliance with the operational requirements set forth in this chapter, unless  specifically authorized to respond by the License officer and as may be provided for in the 911  Dispatch Center procedures.
   (E)   Personnel affiliated with a licensed ambulance service or hospital who wish to  respond to an emergency scene in a vehicle other than an ambulance are required to:
      (1)   Identify their response to the 911 Dispatch Center;
      (2)   Be in compliance with all city, state, or federal laws or regulations in regards to an emergency response; and
      (3)   Be in compliance with the current emergency medical dispatch system.
   (F)   An ambulance service licensed to operate within the City shall have in place and  utilize the current system used for emergency medical dispatch.
(Ord. 9061, passed 8-2-16; Am. Ord. 9214, passed 8-6-19)