(A)   It is the intent of this chapter to permit the construction of a mobile home park in zoned areas to provide a residential setting.  To preserve the residential quality of these parks, recognition is given to the changing character of mobile homes in terms of size, design, and function.  Residents in these parks should have the same services and protection generally provided in other residential districts.  Because of their unusual characteristics, mobile home parks present special problems and require special consideration concerning their proper location and character in relation to adjacent land uses and to the circumstances and conditions under which they may be permitted.
   (B)   The standards set forth here provide adequate protection for and consideration of both the community and the mobile home dweller.
(Ord. 5227, passed 12-15-64; Am. Ord. 8936, passed 4-1-14)
Statutory reference:
   Recreational, tourist, migrant labor, and trailer camps, see ILCS Ch. 20, Act 2310, § 2310-530