For the purpose of establishing rules and regulations of the proper installation of plumbing systems, types of materials, and methods of construction and installation, including but not limited to permits and penalties, there is hereby adopted in its entirety as the Plumbing Code of the City that certain code known as the Illinois State Plumbing Code, and any amendment thereto that may from time to time be made, as published by the State Department of Health and the whole thereof is hereby incorporated by reference herein or as may be hereafter modified, deleted or amended.  One copy of the Plumbing Code shall be filed and maintained in the office of the City Clerk, other copies shall be available at the office of the Department of Engineering & Urban Services (Department).
(Ord. 5678, passed 1-6-70; Am. Ord. 6427, passed 2-22-77; Am. Ord. 7135, passed 6-25-85; Am. Ord. 7228, passed l-27-87; Am. Ord. 7701, passed 5-3-94; Am. Ord. 8933, passed 4-1-14)
   Toilet facilities in trailer parks, see § 156.24
Statutory reference:
   Plumbing generally, see ILCS Ch. 225, Act 320, § 1 et seq.
   Municipal regulation of plumbing, see ILCS Ch. 225, Act 320, § 18