(A)   Notice. Whenever required, notice may be:
      (1)   Delivered personally, with a certificate of service; or
      (2)   Sent by first-class mail, or by Federal Express or UPS addressed to the last known address listed on the ad valorem tax roll.
      (3)   Notice must be posted at the property where the nuisance activities occurred.
   (B)   Notice is final immediately upon posting, personal service and three days after posting in the United States mail or with Federal Express or UPS.
   (C)   Construction of Notice of Violation. A property owner is deemed to have notice of a nuisance activity if that property owner:
      (1)   Has actual knowledge of the nuisance activity;
      (2)   Has received notice of the nuisance activity;
      (3)   Has reason to know about the nuisance activity;
      (4)   Knows about a fact or facts related to the nuisance activity; or
      (5)   Is able to ascertain the existence of a nuisance by inspecting the property or by checking an official filing or record. The lack of knowledge of, acquiescence or participation in, or responsibility for a nuisance activity on the part of the property owner is not a defense to any enforcement of this chapter.
(Ord. 9050, passed 5-3-16)