(A)     Any seller of firearms of a size which may be concealed upon the person, other than a manufacturer selling to a bona fide wholesaler or retailer or a wholesaler selling to a bona fide retailer, shall keep a register of all firearms sold or given away.
   (B)     The register shall contain the date of the sale or gift, the name, address, age, and occupation of the person to whom the weapon is sold or given, the price of the weapon, the kind, description, and number of the weapon, and the purpose for which it is purchased and obtained.
   (C)     The seller, on demand of a peace officer, shall produce for inspection the register and allow the peace officer to inspect the register and all stock on hand.
(Am. Ord. 8437, passed 7-5-05)  Penalty, see § 130.99
Statutory reference:
   Similar state law, see ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, § 24-4