§ 130.04  MENTAL STATE.
   (A)   A person is not guilty of an offense, other than an offense which involves absolute liability, unless, with respect to each element described by the section defining the offense, he acts while having one of the mental states described in §§ 130.05 through 130.08.
   (B)   If the section defining an offense prescribed a particular mental state with respect to the offense as a whole, without distinguishing among the elements thereof, the prescribed mental state applies to each such element.  If the section does not prescribe a particular mental state applicable to an element of an offense (other than an offense which involves absolute liability), any mental state defined in §§ 130.05, 130.06, or 130.07 is applicable.
   (C)   Knowledge that certain conduct constitutes an offense, or knowledge of the existence, meaning, or application of the section defining an offense, is not an element of the offense unless the section clearly defines it as such.
(ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, § 4-3)