(A)   Any license issued for an adult use business may be revoked or suspended by the Mayor if the Mayor shall find:
      (1)   The licensee has violated any of the provisions of this chapter regulating adult use businesses.
      (2)   The licensee has knowingly furnished false or misleading information or withheld relevant information on any application for any license or permit required by this chapter or knowingly caused or suffered another to furnish or withhold the information on his behalf.
      (3)   The licensee has violated this chapter or Chapter 96 of this code regarding alcoholic liquor.
      (4)   The licensee knowingly permitted gambling by any person on the premises.
      (5)   The licensee knowingly allowed possession, use or sale of marijuana or other controlled substances on the premises.
      (6)   The licensee knowingly allowed prostitution on the premises.
      (7)   The licensee knowingly operated the adult use business during a period of time when the licensee's license was suspended.
      (8)   The licensee knowingly allowed any act of sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation, masturbation or other specified sexual activity to occur in or on the premises.
      (9)   The licensee is delinquent in payment to the city, county, or state for any taxes or fees due.
      (10)   The licensee has knowingly facilitated another's commission of the offense of public indecency.
      (11)   The adult use business is a public nuisance as defined by statute, ordinance or case law.
   (B)   The Mayor shall revoke the license if the licensee is convicted of any specified criminal activity.
   (C)   The licensee shall be responsible for the acts of his agents, servants, and employees.  In the case of a first offense by a licensee where the conduct was solely that of an employee, the penalty shall not exceed a suspension of 30 days if the Mayor shall find that the licensee had no actual or constructive knowledge of the violation and could not by the exercise of due diligence have had actual or constructive knowledge.
   (D)   The Mayor, before revoking or suspending any license, shall give the licensee at least ten days' written notice of the charges against him and the opportunity for a public hearing before the Mayor at which time the licensee may present evidence bearing upon the question.  In these cases, the charges shall be specific and in writing.
   (E)   In lieu of, or in addition to, the suspension or revocation of a license, the Mayor may impose a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $10,000. Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
(Ord. 7065, passed 6-28-84; Am. Ord. 8473, passed 3-7-06)