Any individual, any partner or limited partner of a partnership, and any officer or director of a corporation or similar entity and any stockholder holding more than 10% of the stock of a corporation or similar entity, or any other person who is interested or otherwise participates directly in the ownership or operation of the adult use business shall be considered an applicant and shall sign the application and furnish the following information under oath. All applicants must be qualified according to the provisions of this chapter in order for a license to be issued.
   (A)   Name and address, including all aliases. If the application involves a partnership, the partnership shall state its complete name and the names of all partners, whether the partnership is general or limited, and shall provide a copy of the partnership agreement. If the applicant is a corporation or similar entity, the corporation or entity shall state its complete name, the date of incorporation, evidence that the corporation or entity is in good standing under the laws of the state of incorporation, the names and capacity of all officers, directors and principal shareholders (those with a 10% or more stake) and the name and address of the registered agent.
   (B)   Written proof that the individual is at least 21 years of age.
   (C)   The adult use or similar business license history of the applicant; whether the person, in previously operating in this or any other city or state under license, has had the license revoked or suspended, the reason therefor, and the business activity or occupation subject to the action of suspension or revocation.
   (D)   If the applicant intends to operate the adult use business under a name other than that of the applicant, the applicant must state: the business name; and, submit any required registration documents related to such business name.
   (E)   The exact nature of the adult use business to be conducted and the proposed place of business and facilities thereto.
   (F)   The names and addresses of all persons holding any beneficial interest in the real estate upon which the adult use business is to be operated, including but not limited to, contract purchasers or sellers, beneficiaries of land trust, or lessees subletting to applicant.
   (G)   If the premises are leased or being purchased under contract, a copy of the lease or contract shall accompany the application.
   (H)   A statement by the applicant that he is familiar with the provisions of this chapter and is in compliance with them.
   (I)   Whether the applicant holds any other licenses under similar ordinances from other jurisdictions, and if so, the names and locations of such other licensed businesses. Whether the applicant, as an individual, a partner in a partnership, or officer, director or stockholder of a corporation or similar entity, has had a previous license issued under this chapter or ordinance of another jurisdiction denied, suspended or revoked including the name and location of the business, the date of the denial, suspension or revocation.
   (J)   Whether the applicant has been convicted of any specified criminal activity, as defined in this chapter, and, if so, the specified criminal activity involved, the date, place and jurisdiction of each.
   (K)   A statement that the applicant consents to a background check, both civil and criminal. The applicant shall provide his social security number and/or fingerprints, as requested, to conduct such background check.
   (L)   A statement that the applicant attests to the truth and accuracy of the information contained in the application.
(Ord. 7065, passed 6-28-84; Am. Ord. 8473, passed 3-7-06)