(A)   The Mayor is empowered and authorized to suspend or revoke any taxicab driver's license upon recommendation of the chief of police. Any license suspended or revoked shall be surrendered to the chief of police. The reasons for suspension or revocation may include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
      (1)   Violating any city ordinance, state law or regulation, or federal law or regulation, including any rules or regulations of the Federal Communications Commission;
      (2)   The licensee has engaged in any conduct which would constitute a criminal offense against any taxicab passenger while the licensee is acting as a taxicab driver;
      (3)   The licensee has knowingly furnished false or misleading information or withheld relevant information on any application for any license required by this chapter or knowingly caused or suffered another to furnish or withhold such information on his behalf;
      (4)   The licensee has had his driver's license suspended or revoked by the secretary of state; a restricted driver's permit issued following the suspension or revocation shall not be considered a valid driver's license for the purposes of this section;
      (5)   The licensee has used or possessed marijuana or any controlled substance other than one prescribed by a duly licensed physician for the licensee while the licensee is acting as a taxicab driver, or the licensee has knowingly permitted another to use or possess marijuana or any controlled substance, other than one prescribed by a duly licensed physician for that individual while present in a taxicab being operated by or under the control of the licensee;
      (6)   The licensee has, while acting as a taxicab driver, failed to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene, appearance and conduct;
      (7)   The licensee has become physically or mentally incapable of driving a taxicab;
      (8)   The licensee is charging fares or fees for the use of the taxicab which are not in accordance with the rates fixed by this chapter;
      (9)   The licensee defaces any license, badge or other identification issued pursuant to this chapter;
      (10)   The licensee knowingly allowed some other person to use the licensee's license, badge or other identification.
   (B)   No license issued under this chapter shall be suspended or revoked except after a hearing held by the Mayor. The licensee shall be given a three-day written notice of such hearing affording the licensee an opportunity to appear and defend. The Mayor shall maintain an accurate record of the proceedings.
   (C)   After a hearing conducted pursuant to this chapter, the Mayor shall make a final determination concerning the license at issue. Upon making such determination, the Mayor shall prepare a written order stating the reason or reasons for the determination and the period of suspension or that the license has been revoked. The Mayor shall send a copy of the written order to the licensee by certified mail, return receipt requested.
(Ord. 8242, passed 4-2-02; amend. Ord. 8373, passed 6-1-04)