§ 121.16  LOG REQUIRED.
   (A)   Every driver of a taxicab shall record the following information concerning each trip for hire made by such driver:
      (1)   The point of origin and the point of destination of each trip;
      (2)   The beginning and ending mileage of each trip;
      (3)   The number of persons transported on each trip; and,
      (4)   The total amount charged for each trip.
   (B)   The driver shall complete the log entry for each trip before commencing another trip.
   (C)   Such logs shall be open to inspection by the police department at any time and any information contained therein shall be given to the Police Department upon request.
(Ord. 8242, passed 4-2-02; amend. Ord. 8373, passed 6-1-04)  Penalty, see § 10.99