(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person, whether acting as owner, principal, agent, employee, lessee, or licensee to engage in operating a taxicab business within the corporate limits of this city without first having obtained a taxicab business license therefor pursuant to this chapter.
   (B)   Application for a license to operate a taxicab business shall be made to the city clerk. The application shall be signed by the applicant as an individual or by a duly authorized officer of a corporation or partnership. The application shall contain the following information and statements:
      (1)   The name, age, and address of: the applicant in the case of an individual; or, in the case of a partnership, corporation, or other similar entity, all persons having an interest in such partnership, corporation or similar entity.
      (2)   The citizenship of the applicant, place of birth, and, if a naturalized citizen, the time and place of his naturalization.
      (3)   The present business of the applicant, along with the address of the office and length of time the applicant has been in such business.
      (4)   A statement that the applicant has never been convicted of a felony and is not disqualified to receive a license by reason of any matter or thing contained in this chapter, laws of the state, or other ordinances of the city.
      (5)   Whether a previous license of any kind by any state or subdivision thereof or by the federal government has been revoked and the reasons for such revocation.
      (6)   A statement that the applicant will not violate any of the laws of this state, the United States of America, or any ordinance of the city in the conduct of his business.
      (7)   Three references from persons who have known the applicant for at least one year prior to the application attesting to the character of the applicant.
      (8)   The location of the office for the proposed taxicab business.
      (9)   A description of each vehicle to be used as a taxi, including the length of time each vehicle has been in use, the number of persons it is capable of carrying, the make and model, and the motor and chassis numbers.
      (10)   A description as to how potential passengers may contact applicant for service.
   (C)   The application shall be accompanied by the following:
      (1)   A signed consent form allowing the police department to conduct a background investigation, including authorization for the release of medical, employment, insurance and criminal history records which may be relevant to such background investigation, relating to the applicant's qualifications to hold a license; and,
      (2)   A certificate of inspection showing that each taxicab proposed to be used meets the requirements of this chapter.
   (D)   The Director of Public Safety or his designee shall perform the initial inspection of all taxicabs proposed to be used, as set forth in § 121.05. The Director of Public Safety or his designee shall issue the certificate of inspection once all taxicabs proposed to be used by applicant meet the requirements of this chapter and are approved for operation. Upon approval, the chief of police or his designee shall provide an inspection sticker to be displayed in each taxicab so approved.
   (E)   Any license issued hereunder shall remain with the applicant and shall not be transferred or assigned to any other person, business or entity.
(Ord. 8242, passed 4-2-02; amend. Ord. 8373, passed 6-1-04)