General procedures/contents.
   (A)   The applicant shall contact the city clerk to receive an application form and pay a nonrefundable filing fee of $50.  The application shall contain the following minimum information:
      (1)   Address of property;
      (2)   Legal description;
      (3)   Owner's name;
      (4)   Manager's name, if other than owner;
      (5)   Address of any other establishments owned/managed by the applicant;
      (6)   Description of the property, with pictures (inside and out);
      (7)   Number of rooms available to be rented, if a bed and breakfast;
      (8)   Site plan showing buildings and proposed off-street parking;
      (9)   Description of the operating plan for the establishment; and
      (10)   Names of adjoining (touching) property owners.
      (11)   An affidavit from the manager identified in the application attesting that such manager: is designated to receive notices; is authorized by the owner to take remedial action and respond to any violation related to the property; and, maintains a residence or office within the City.
   (B)   Once a completed application is received and the filing fee is paid, the city clerk shall forward the application to the Engineering and Urban Services Department for further processing.
(Ord. 7508, passed 3-5-91; Am. Ord. 9043, passed 4-5-16)