§ 120.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "BED AND BREAKFAST ESTABLISHMENT."  An operator-occupied residence at a specific location providing lodging accommodations for a charge to the public conforming with the following minimum standards:
      (1)   Shall provide five or less rooms for rent.
      (2)   Shall be in operation (available to the public) more than ten nights in a 12-month period.
      (3)   The only formal meal served to paying guests shall be breakfast.
      (4)   Shall allow no more than two guests per sleeping room, per night.
      (5)   The term "BED AND BREAKFAST" facility shall not be construed to mean "motel", "hotel", "boarding house", "food service establishment", "conference center", "retreat facility", or "reception hall".
      (6)   A room within a bed and breakfast establishment shall be considered a hotel room or motel room for purposes of §§ 116.35 through 116.43 inclusive of this code of ordinances, pertaining to hotel or motel room tax.
   "OPERATOR."  The owner of the bed and breakfast or vacation rental establishment or the owner's manager, who is required to reside in the establishment if the establishment is a bed and breakfast.  If more than one structure is involved at a given location, the city shall rule on which structure shall be considered appropriate; however, the intent is to have the owner/manager reside within the structure with the most guest rooms if the structure is a bed and breakfast.
   “VACATION RENTAL.” A dwelling unit or structure that is not owner-occupied and contains 6 or fewer sleeping rooms that are available for rent or for hire for transient occupancy by guests. The term “VACATION RENTAL” shall not include: single room occupancies; hotels or motels; or, a dwelling subject to the terms of a month- to-month, or longer, tenancy.
(Ord. 7508, passed 3-5-91; Am. Ord. 7813, passed 2-6-96; Am. Ord. 9043, passed )