Every person, firm, corporation or similar entity desiring a license to engage in the operation of an adult care facility in the city shall appear in person at the office of the City Clerk and make application therefore, giving the following information.
   (A)   Name of the applicant.
   (B)   Number of state certificate or license for the year in which the person applies for a city license.
   (C)   If the applicant is subject to the requirements of the “Nursing Home Care Reform Act” of 1979 (see ILCS Ch. 210, Act 45, §§ 1-101 et seq.) or amendments or changes in the statute as may from time to time be made, evidence that applicant meets such requirements.
   (D)   Location of the home or place where it is proposed to carry on business.
(Ord. 8493, passed 8-1-06)  Penalty, see § 118.999