(A)   In addition to any other penalty which may be imposed, any license issued under this Chapter may be revoked or suspended by the Mayor, or his designee, upon notice and hearing, for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement contained in the application for a license;
      (2)   Fraud, misrepresentation or false statement made by any person under a license while in the course of conducting their activities;
      (3)   Conducting activities in such a manner as to create a public nuisance, be considered disorderly conduct, or endanger the health, safety or general welfare of the public.
   (B)   Notice of a hearing for suspension or revocation of a license issued under this chapter shall be provided in writing and shall set forth specifically the grounds for the proposed suspension or revocation and the time and place of the hearing. Notice shall be mailed to the licensee to the address shown on the application.
(Ord. 9133, passed 12-5-17; Am. Ord. 9276, passed 8-4-20)