(A)   Upon the Chief of Police’s, or the designee’s, review of the application, he or she may refuse to issue a license to the applicant for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   The location and time of the activities would endanger the safety and welfare of the applicant or the customers;
      (2)   The applicant falsified information on the application;
      (3)   The applicant is a prohibited person;
      (4)   There is no proof as to the authority of the applicant to serve as agent of the principal;
      (5)   The applicant has been denied a license under this Chapter within the immediate past year, unless the applicant can and does show to the satisfaction of the Chief of Police or the designee that the reasons for such earlier denial no longer exist.
   (B)   The Chief of Police’s, or the designee’s, disapproval and the reasons for disapproval shall be noted on the application, and the applicant shall be notified that the application is disapproved and that no license will be issued.
(Ord. 9133, passed 12-5-17; Am. Ord. 9276, passed 8-4-20)