§ 115.03  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following activities are exempt from the licensing and other requirements of this chapter:
   (A)   Any person selling vegetables, fruit or other perishable farm products at an established market under the auspices of the Danville Farmer’s Market.
   (B)   Any person operating a concession at any city park, Danville Stadium, David S. Palmer Civic Center, or other public facility.
   (C)   Any yard sale, garage sale or rummage sale conducted by a person on property upon which he resides.
   (D)   Any person operating a stand or booth at a trade show, exposition, convention or similar event.
   (E)   Any person engaged in the business of soliciting orders or subscriptions magazines, newspapers, periodicals, books, or other published written or photographic material; provided, however, that such person shall register his activities with the city clerk as provided in § 115.09 below.
   (F)   Any person who, without compensation, solicits contributions to or sells goods, wares or merchandise for any civic, patriotic, fraternal, educational, religious or benevolent organization; provided, however, that the organization on whose behalf such person is acting shall register such activities with the city clerk as provided in § 115.09 below.
   (G)   Any person operating in a temporary space at the Village mall.
(Am. Ord. 7913, passed 9-2-97)
   (H)   Any route salespersons having established customers to whom periodic deliveries are made and who may make calls upon prospective customers in their regular service area.
   (I)   No person shall be relieved from the provisions of this chapter by reason of a temporary association with any local dealer,  trader, merchant or auctioneer, or by conducting such temporary or transient business in connection with or as part of or in name of any local dealer, trader, merchant or auctioneer.
   (J)   Nothing in this section shall relieve any person from complying with all other city regulations, nor from securing all other permits and licenses which may be required by law.
(Ord. 7833, passed 6-4-96; Am. Ord. 8991, passed 5-5-15; Am. Ord. 9133, passed 12-5-17; Am. Ord. 9276, passed 8-4-20)