It shall be unlawful for any person, either as principal or agent, to engage in or conduct in this city a business as a transient merchant, itinerant vendor, ice cream truck, mobile food truck, or solicitor without first obtaining a license from the city clerk under this chapter.  No license shall be granted for any such business unless the applicant has obtained a certificate of registration as required under the Illinois Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act (ILCS Ch. 35, Act 120, § 1 et seq.) as may be applicable.  Any license granted hereunder shall be displayed by the licensee in such manner that it may be viewed and inspected at any time by a law enforcement officer.  Any person obtaining a license under this chapter shall comply with all requirements of other city ordinances, including, but not limited to, zoning.
(Ord. 7833, passed 6-4-96; Am. Ord. 8991, passed 5-5-15; Am. Ord. 9133, passed 12-5-17; Am. Ord. 9276, passed 8-4-20)