(A)     Each licensee hereunder shall maintain accurate records, upon forms provided or prescribed and containing such information as may be required by the license officer.  Such records shall include calls for service received from within the city, the identification number of the ambulance and names of the attendants responding, and the response time from the call to arrival at the scene, as well as the time of departure from the scene and arrival at a hospital or other destination, and whether or not emergency warning devices were used.  Records shall also be maintained concerning the availability for each ambulance for service.
   (B)     The provisions of subsection (A) above shall apply with equal force in case the patient dies before being transported in such ambulance or dies while being transported therein or at any time prior to the acceptance of the patient into the responsibility of the hospital or medical or other authority if the patient is still under the care or responsibility of the ambulance licensee.
   (C)   Each licensee shall provide the License Officer a written report on response times to determine compliance with the requirements contained in § 111.06.  Such report shall be provided at least monthly, with one yearly report provided no later than May 31 of each year.
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