(A)   The license officer shall, within ten days after receipt of an application for an ambulance service license as provided herein, cause such investigation as he deems necessary to be made of the applicant and of his proposed operations.
   (B)   The license officer shall recommend to the City Council whether the license should be granted and upon approval of such recommendation by a majority of the members of the City Council, a license shall be issued and shall be valid for a period of one year unless earlier suspended, revoked, or terminated.  The license shall be recommended for approval by the License Officer upon the finding that:
      (1)   The public convenience and necessity require the proposed ambulance service;
      (2)   Each ambulance proposed to be operated and maintained, its required equipment and the premises designated in the application, comply with the standards prescribed in § 111.06(A) and with the regulations promulgated under such sections;
      (3)   The applicant is a responsible and proper person to conduct or work in the proposed business;
      (4)   Only attendants duly licensed by the State are employed in such capacity; and
      (5)   All the requirements of this chapter and all other applicable laws and ordinances have been met.
   (C)   No ambulance service license shall be issued under this chapter unless all ambulances proposed to be operated and maintained by such ambulance service have been inspected and licensed by the state.
   (D)   A copy of each ambulance, equipment, and premises inspection report shall be promptly transmitted to the license officer.  Any premises inspection report based upon an inspection performed by the license officer shall be submitted to the licensee.
   (E)   The license shall be for the period from May 1 to April 30, and the fee shall be prorated for any part of the 12 months period. Any license holder desiring to renew their license, shall apply to the City Clerk for such renewal no later than 15 days prior to April 30 and pay the required fee. Any license holder desiring to terminate their service within the city shall notify the city at least 60 days prior to such termination of service. Any license holder who does not intend to renew their license at the expiration of the current license period shall notify the city at least 30 days prior to the expiration of their license.
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