(A)   No person, either as owner, agent, or otherwise, shall furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, advertise, or otherwise be engaged in or profess to be engaged in the business of an ambulance service upon the streets, alleys, or any public way or place of the city unless he holds a currently valid license for an ambulance service, issued pursuant to this chapter. An ambulance service operated by an agency of the United States or State of Illinois shall not be required to be licensed hereunder.
   (B)   No ambulance shall be operated for ambulance purposes, and no individual shall drive, attend, or permit it to be operated for such purposes on the streets, alleys, or any public way or place of the city unless it shall be under the immediate supervision and direction of a person who is holding a currently valid license, issued by the State, as an attendant. 
   (C)   No licenses required by this chapter shall be required for an ambulance service, which:
      (1)   Is rendering assistance pursuant to a mutual aid agreement or pursuant to the request of the Director of Public Safety or his designee in the case of a major catastrophe or emergency with which the ambulances of the ambulance service licensed by the city are insufficient or unable to cope; or
      (2) Is operated from a location or headquarters outside the city in order to transport patients who are picked up beyond the limits of the city to locations within the city, or to transport patients who are picked up within the city to locations beyond the limits of the city but no such outside ambulance shall be used to pick up patients within the city for transportation to locations within the city.
   (D)   The number of ambulance services operating in the city shall be limited to two.
   (E) No official entry made upon a license may be defaced, altered, removed, or obliterated.           
   (F)   Any change of ownership of an ambulance service shall terminate the license and shall require a new application and a new license and conformance with all the requirements of this chapter as upon original licensing.  A change of 25% or more of the ownership of stock or other interest in a corporation or similar entity shall be considered a change of ownership.
   (G)   No ambulance service license may be sold, assigned, mortgaged, or otherwise transferred.
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