(A)   The Mayor may revoke any permit issued under this chapter for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or related city ordinance;
      (2)   Violation of any city ordinance or state statute relating to offenses against persons or property; or,
      (3)   The willful making of any false statement as to a material fact in the application for a permit.
   (B)   No permit issued under this chapter shall be revoked except after a public hearing held before the Mayor. The permitee shall be given a three-day written notice of such hearing affording the permitee an opportunity to appear and defend.
   (C)   In lieu of, or in addition to, the revocation of the permit, the Mayor may impose a fine of not less  than $100 nor more than $1,500 for a violation of this chapter.
(Ord. 8530, passed 2-6-07)