(A)   No person shall throw, deposit, or distribute any commercial or non-commercial handbill in or upon private premises except by handing or transmitting any such handbill directly to the owner, occupant, or other person present in or upon such private premises; provided, that, except where the premises are posted as provided in § 110.09 or where anyone upon the premises requests otherwise, a person may place or deposit any such commercial or non-commercial handbill in or upon such private premises, if such handbill is contained in a plastic bag ventilated with airholes throughout the surface of the bag, or unventilated plastic bag no greater than six inches in width, or if such handbill is so placed or deposited as to secure or prevent such handbill from being blown or drifted about such premises or sidewalks, streets, or other public places.  Mailboxes may not be so used when so prohibited by federal postal law or regulations.
   (B)   The provisions of this section shall not apply to the distribution of mail by the United States or to newspapers; except that newspapers shall be placed on private property in such a manner as to prevent their being carried or deposited by the elements upon any street, sidewalk, or other public place or upon private property.
(Ord. 8530, passed 2-6-07)  Penalty, see § 10.99