(A)   Whenever the owner of record of a motor vehicle seized and impounded pursuant to this chapter desires to retrieve the motor vehicle prior to the evidentiary hearing they may do so by posting a cash bond at the office of the Corporation Counsel or at the Public Safety Building in the amount indicated herein. Once the bond has been posted and the towing and storage fees paid, the motor vehicle shall be released until the evidentiary hearing is held by the City's Code Hearing Department. The amount of bond shall be in the amount of the administrative penalty which could be imposed pursuant to § 103.08(A).
   (B)   If a motor vehicle may be subject to forfeiture pursuant to the Drug Asset Forfeiture Property Act, ILCS Ch. 725, Act 150, §§ 1 et seq., or any other state or federal law concerning the forfeiture of property, said vehicle shall not be released by the posting of the bond described in this section.
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