Whenever a police officer has probable cause to believe that a motor vehicle is subject to seizure and impoundment pursuant to this chapter, the police officer shall provide for the towing of the motor vehicle to a facility controlled by the City or its agents. Before or at the time the vehicle is towed, the police officer shall notify any person identifying himself as the owner of the vehicle, or any person who is found in control of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation, of the fact of the seizure and of the owner's right to request a vehicle impoundment hearing, and of the owner's right to post a cash bond to recover the vehicle.
(Ord. 8269, passed 9-3-02; Am. Ord. 8340, passed 2-3-04; Am. Ord. 8462, passed 12-6-05; Am. Ord. 8689, passed 3-2-10)