(A)   Every railroad company and rail carrier shall be operated in such a manner as to minimize obstruction of emergency vehicles at crossings. Where such obstruction occurs and the train crew is aware of the obstruction, the train crew shall immediately take any action, consistent with safe operating procedure, necessary to remove the obstruction. Every railroad dispatcher or other person responsible for the movement of railroad equipment who receives notification that railroad company or rail carrier equipment is obstructing the movement of an emergency vehicle at any crossing shall immediately notify the train crew or other individuals responsible for the equipment, through use of existing communication facilities, to remove the obstruction. Upon notification, the train crew or other responsible party shall take immediate action in accordance with this paragraph.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for a railroad company or rail carrier to permit any train, railroad car, engine or other equipment to obstruct travel at a railroad-highway grade crossing for a period in excess of ten (10) minutes, except where such train, railroad car or equipment is continuously moving or cannot be moved by a reason of circumstances over which the rail carrier has no reasonable control.
('64 Code, § 30-4) (Ord. 8016, passed 3-2-99)