For purposes of this chapter the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed to them respectively.
   "ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR."  Alcohol, spirits, wine and beer, and every liquid or solid, patented or not, containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and capable of being consumed as a beverage by a human being.  It shall not apply to alcohol used in the manufacture of denatured alcohol produced in accordance with federal laws and regulations, nor to any liquid or solid containing 0.5% or less of alcohol by volume.
(ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, § 1-3.05)
   "CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE."  Drug, substance, or immediate precursor as set forth in ILCS Ch. 720, Act 570, §§ 201 to 215.
   "DIRECTOR."  The Director of the Public Works Division or his or her designee.
   "GROUP."  An assemblage of 2 or more persons.
   "PARK."  All areas designated as parks.
   "PERMIT" and "RESERVATION."  Any authorization issued by the Director for a specified park privilege, activity, or act(s) in any park.
   "RULES AND REGULATIONS."  Any ordinance regarding parks adopted by the council and regulations and rules promulgated by the council pursuant to these ordinances.
   "VEHICLE."  Any conveyance, wheeled or without wheels (excepting motor boats) propelled, towed, or unpropelled on which a person or thing is or may be carried and shall include, without limitation, automobiles, trucks, bicycles, scooters, minibikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles. all- terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and skateboards.
(Ord. 6317, passed 5-4-76; amend. Ord. 7313, passed 4-5-88; amend. Ord. 7646, passed 5-4-93; Am. Ord. 8451, passed 9-20-05)