§ 90.32  PERMITS.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain within the city any exotic animal unless a special annual permit is obtained from the Animal Control Officer.
   (B)   The Animal Control Officer shall issue a special permit for the keeping or maintenance of an exotic animal if he finds:
      (1)   That the animal is at all times kept or maintained in a safe manner and that it is at all times confined securely so that the keeping of the animal will not constitute a danger to human life or to the property of others.
      (2)   That adequate safeguards are made to prevent unauthorized access to the animal by members of the public.
      (3)   That the health or well-being of the animal is not in any way endangered by the manner of keeping or confinement.
      (4)   That the keeping of the animal does not constitute a nuisance and will not harm the surrounding neighborhood or disturb the peace and quiet of the surrounding neighborhood.
      (5)   That the keeping of such animal will not create or cause offensive odors or constitute a danger to public health.
      (6)   That the quarters in which the animal is kept or confined are adequately lighted and ventilated and are so constructed that they may be kept in clean and sanitary condition.
      (7)   That the applicant for the special permit prove his ability to respond in damages to and including the amount of $100,000 for bodily injury to or death of any person or persons or for damage to property owned by any other person which may result from the ownership, keeping, or maintenance of the animal.  Proof of liability to respond in damages may be given by filing with the Animal Control Officer a certificate of insurance stating that applicant is, at the time of his application, and will be during the period of the special permit, insured against liability to respond in damages, or by posting with the Animal Control Officer a surety bond conditioned on the payment of damages during the period of the special permit.  The certificate of insurance or bond shall provide that no cancellation of the insurance or bond will be made unless ten days' written notice is given to the commissioner of public health and safety.
   (C)   The Animal Control Officer, in investigating any applicant for a permit under this section or in the enforcement of this section, is authorized to consult with and seek the advice of the society for prevention of cruelty to animals, the humane society or any other individual, agency, organization, or society which may be able to provide information and advice concerning the keeping of exotic animals.
   (D)   Prior to the annual renewal of any special permit and at least once not more than 6 months after the issuance of such special permit or after its renewal, the Animal Control Officer, or his designee, shall inspect the premises subject to the special permit to determine whether the person to whom it has been issued is continuing to comply with all of the conditions specified in this chapter.  If the Animal Control Officer determines, upon completion of the inspection, that any of the conditions are being violated, he shall refuse to renew the special permit, or he shall revoke the special permit in the event that the violation is not corrected within the period of time he directs.  A fee of $10 shall be charged for each semiannual inspection.
   (E)   In no event shall a permit be issued for the keeping of more than two exotic animals at any single location.
   (F)   No permit shall be issued for the keeping of exotic animals unless all provisions of this chapter are complied with and a fee of $37.50 is paid to the Animal Control Officer.  Permit fees shall be paid annually on or before the start of the license year.
(Ord. 6309, passed 3-30-76; amend. Ord. 7053, passed 5-15-84; Am. Ord. 8330, passed 12-2-03)