§ 90.18  BITING DOGS.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog, when notified that the dog has bitten any person or has injured any person so as to cause an abrasion of the skin, to sell or give away the dog or permit or allow the dog to be taken beyond the limits of the City.  It shall be the duty of the owner or keeper, on receiving notice of the character aforesaid, to deliver the dog to the Vermilion County Animal Control Officer, where the dog shall be securely chained or confined for a period of at least ten days. However, the foregoing shall not apply to any animal used by a law enforcement officer in the performance of the functions or duties of the law enforcement agency.
   (B)   The Vermilion County animal control officer shall notify the City’s Animal Control Officer of any and all bites within the corporate limits of the City.  The report shall be given to the City’s Animal Control Officer within three days of the occurrence of the bite.
(Ord. 6654, passed 4-24-79; Am. Ord. 8144, passed 12-5-00; Am. Ord. 8330, passed 12-2-03; Am. Ord. 8633, passed 2-3-09)