(A)   The Animal Control Officer, and any animal pound or animal shelter, shall not release for adoption any dog or cat, which has not been redeemed by the owner, unless the animal has been surgically rendered incapable of reproduction by spaying or neutering, or the person wishing to adopt an animal, prior to the surgical procedure having been performed, shall have executed a written agreement promising to have such service done within a specified period of time.
   (B)   If a dog is declared to be dangerous or vicious, the dog shall be spayed or neutered, at the owner’s expense, within 14 days of the declaration.  Within three days of the completion of the procedure, the owner shall provide sufficient proof to the Animal Control Officer of the spaying or neutering.
   (C)   Any person’s failure to spay or neuter a dog as required herein shall result in the Animal Control Officer’s seizure and impoundment of the dog and subject the person to the penalties set forth in § 90.99.  In addition to any penalties imposed pursuant to § 90.99, if the owner desires to redeem the dog, the Animal Control Officer shall have the dog spayed or neutered at the owner’s expense.
(Ord. 7852, passed 9-3-96; Am. Ord. 8330, passed 12-2-03; Am. Ord. 8633, passed 2-3-09)  Penalty, see § 90.99