In the event that an account owner believes that they have been improperly billed or overpaid for past sewer bills, the owner shall present supporting information to the Director and Comptroller for review and consideration.  Should the Director and Comptroller determine that the bills or payments were incorrect the account owner shall be entitled to a refund.  Current accounts shall be refunded in the form of an account credit if such a credit would be expended within 12 months of regular account billing. Closed accounts and refunds of amounts excess of 12 months of normal bills shall be issued by check within 60 days of such a determination by the Director and Comptroller.  Any refunds or credits shall be limited to errors in bills dated within the 12 months preceding the submittal of supporting information to the Comptroller or Director by the account owner.  In any case, the Comptroller or Director shall notify the account owner of its determination and method of resolution, if appropriate.
(Ord. 8605, passed 9-16-08; Am. Ord. 8781, passed 1-17-12; Am. Ord. 9290, passed 11-3-20)