The Board of Trustees shall have the following powers and duties:
   (A)   To approve the expenditures of monies from the Fund only for the  maintenance, use and benefit of the Fire Division, pursuant to budget appropriations and such rules adopted by the Board as are not inconsistent with this subchapter.
   (B)   To adopt reasonable rules, regulations, and bylaws for governing the meetings, business and affairs of the Board and election of the members thereof, as are not inconsistent with this subchapter, and to amend or revoke the same from time to time.  All rules, regulations and by-laws adopted by the Board shall be published in written form and posted from time to time at the various stations of the Fire Division.
   (C)   To conduct regular meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.
   (D)   With prior approval of the City Council, to sell, trade-in, or otherwise dispose of tangible personal property purchased by the Board through the Fund; provided, however, that all such tangible personal property so purchased shall be deemed property of the City.  The proceeds of any sale or trade-in of such property shall be deposited in the Fund.
(Ord. 7443, passed 3-6-90; Am. Ord. 8931, passed 4-1-14)