(A)   All funds deposited in the Foreign Fire Insurance Fund shall be held, managed and expended only for the maintenance, use and benefit of the Fire Division of the City.  On or about April 1 of each year, commencing in 1990, the Board of Trustees shall adopt an annual budget of receipts and expenditures containing at least the following categories:
   Foreign Fire Insurance Tax
   Vending Machine Receipts
   Carryover of Reserves
   Safety Turnout Gear/Replacement and
   Living Quarters Improvements
   Educational/Training Materials
   Research and Development of Gear and Equipment
   Reserves for Future Purchasers
   Miscellaneous Items for the
     Maintenance, Use and Benefit of
     the Fire Division
   (B)   The annual budget so adopted shall be submitted for approval to the City Council, which shall consider and approve the same concurrently with the annual budget process of the City.  The Board of Trustees and the Fund shall have the same fiscal year as the City.
(Ord. 7443, passed 3-6-90; Am. Ord. 8931, passed 4-1-14)