(A)   The Fire Division, in its operations, may provide emergency medical, fire fighting and other services to persons, businesses, or other entities that are not residents of the City and/or their property.
   (B)   The City shall fix, bill and collect the charges for the services and equipment provided by the Fire Division to persons, business or other entities that are not residents of the City and/or their property.  Said charges shall not exceed the actual cost of the services and equipment used in rendering the services.  An additional charge may be levied to reimburse the City for extraordinary expenses of materials used in rendering the services.  Charges will not be incurred for services provided under mutual aid agreements.
   (C)   Payment of the charges shall be due and payable on the last business day of the month in which the invoice is mailed or 30 days after the invoice is mailed, whichever is later.  Upon the expiration of the time period previously mentioned, the bill shall be considered delinquent.  Upon a bill becoming delinquent, the City may sue the person, business, or other entity having received the services for such services plus reasonable attorney's fees and costs of suit.
(Ord. 2329, passed - - ; Am. Ord. 8316, passed 7-1-03; Am. Ord. 8319, passed 8-5-03; Am. Ord. 8931, passed 4-1-14)