(A)   The present form of government in the City was established as a result of a decree of the Federal District Court issued on February 25, 1987.  The decree resulted from litigation in the form of a voters rights case seeking equal representation for all citizens in the selection of the governing body for the City. The new government which went into effect on September 19, 1987 provided for a City Council made up of 14 Aldermen elected from seven wards and a full-time Mayor elected at large.  In addition a full-time Treasurer was to be elected in the same manner as the Mayor.
   (B)   The purpose of this chapter is twofold:
      (1)   As a general explanation as to how the government of the City is organized; and
      (2)   To provide a guide for the conduct of City Council business. 
   (C)   The text of the original ordinances enabling the new form of government and subsequent rules set by the City Council have been included herein.  The intent of the City Council shall be to record all operational and procedural rules in this chapter, and as such, these rules of procedure shall be maintained as the official City Council rules, as amended from time to time through subsequent ordinances affecting such rules.
(Ord. 7483, passed 8-21-90; Am. Ord. 8642, passed 3-3-09)