For the purposes of this code the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed to them respectively.
   "AND."  May be read "OR," and "OR" may be read "AND," if the sense requires it.
   "ANOTHER." When used to designate the owner of property which is the subject of an offense, includes not only natural persons but also every other owner of property.
   "CITY," "MUNICIPAL CORPORATION," or "MUNICIPALITY." When used in this code, denotes the City of Danville, Vermilion County of Illinois, irrespective of its population or legal classification.
   "COUNCIL." The legislative authority of the municipality.
   "COUNTY." Vermilion County, Illinois.
   "IMPRISONED." Imprisoned in a county or municipal jail or workhouse if the offense is a misdemeanor, and imprisoned in a state penal or reformatory institution if the offense is a felony, or if imprisonment in a state penal or reformatory institution is ordered pursuant to ILCS Ch. 730, Act 5, § 5-8-4.
   "IN THE CITY." All territory over which the city now has or shall hereafter acquire jurisdiction for the exercise of its police or other regulatory powers.
   "KEEPER" or "PROPRIETOR." Includes all persons, whether acting by themselves or as a servant, agent, or employee.
   "LAND" or "REAL ESTATE." Includes rights and easements of incorporeal nature.
   "MAY." Is permissive.
   "MONTH." Calendar month. (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.10)
   "MUNICIPALITY" or "CITY."  The City of Danville, Illinois.
   "OATH." Includes affirmation and "SWORN" includes affirm. (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.12)
   "OCCUPANT" or "TENANT."  Any person holds a written or oral legal or who referred to and cited by the designation actually occupies the whole or part of a building or land, either alone or with others.
   "OWNER." When applied to property, includes any part owner, joint owner, or tenant in common of the whole or part of such property.
   "PERSON." Includes an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, and association. (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.05)
   "PERSONAL PROPERTY." Includes all property except real.
   "PLAN OF SEWERAGE," "SYSTEM OF SEWERAGE," "SEWER," and "SEWERS."  Includes sewers, sewage disposal works and treatment plants, and sewage pumping stations, together with facilities and appurtenances necessary and proper therefor.
   "PREMISES." As applied to property, includes land and buildings.
   "PROPERTY." Includes real, personal, mixed estate and interest.
   "PUBLIC AUTHORITY."  Includes boards of education; the municipal, county, state, federal government, its officers or an agency thereof or any duly authorized public official.
   "PUBLIC PLACE." Includes any street, sidewalk, park, cemetery, school yard, body of water or watercourse, public conveyance, or any other place for the sale of merchandise, public accommodation, or amusement.
   "REAL PROPERTY." Includes lands, tenements, and hereditaments.
   "REGISTERED MAIL." Includes certified mail and "CERTIFIED MAIL" includes registered mail.
   "SHALL." Is mandatory.
   "SIDEWALK." That portion of the street between the curb line and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians.
   "STATE." The State of Illinois.
   "STREET." Includes alleys, avenues, boulevards, lanes, roads, highways, viaducts, and all other public thoroughfares within the municipality.
(ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.16)
   "WEEK." Seven consecutive days.
   "WHOEVER." Includes all persons, natural and artificials partners; principals, agents, and employees; and all officials, public or private.
   "WRITTEN" or "IN WRITING." Includes printing and any other mode of representing words and letters; but when the written signature of any person is required by law to any official or public writing or bond, required by law, it shall be in the proper handwriting of such person, or, in case he is unable to write, his proper mark, except as otherwise provided by law. (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.15)
   "YEAR." Twelve consecutive months.
(ILCS Ch. 5, Act 70, § 1.10)  ('64 Code, § 1-2) (Ord. , passed  )