3-1-10: CHANGE OF USE:
Any change in use, ownership, intensity or occupancy of an existing structure or use shall require approval of the city.
A change of use may occur, but is not limited to:
   A.   A change in the use of the building, structure or site.
   B.   A change in the use of the business occupying the building.
   C.   A change in the product sold, leased or rented.
   D.   A change in the service provided.
   E.   An increase in the number of employees.
   F.   An increase in the number of parking spaces.
   G.   An increase in the water flow or sewage loading.
Prior to a change of use on a property or a structure, the property owner, business owner or representative shall notify the city at least ten (10) days prior to the proposed change and provide the city adequate information to determine compliance of applicable codes. Adequate information will include, but is not limited to, a detailed description of the new use. A review by the city shall be conducted prior to the change of use for review of applicable codes to determine compliance. If the use complies with the municipal codes, the city shall provide a notice of compliance that accompanies the business license. (Ord. 207, 4-1-2010)