Section 4.1. Form of government; Authority over employees.
   Pursuant to G.S. §§ 160A-101 and 160A-102, the Charter of the town, as set forth in Chapter 342 of the 1979 Session Laws of North Carolina, as amended, is hereby further amended to provide that the town shall operate under the Council-Manager form of government in accordance with G.S. Ch. 160A, Article 7, Part 2, and any Charter provisions not in conflict therewith.
   The Town Clerk shall cause a notice to be duly published, stating that an ordinance amending the Charter to adopt the Council-Manager form of government has been adopted. Subject to any referendum petitioned for and conducted pursuant to G.S. § 160A-103, this section shall be in full force and effect from and after October 23, 2004.
(Ord. passed 4-24-2003; Ord. passed 9-14-2004; Ord. passed 9-14-2004)