(A)   There is hereby granted the further right, privilege and authority to a grantee to lease, rent or in any other manner obtain the use of towers, poles, lines, cables and other equipment, and facilities from any and all holders of public licenses, permits and franchises within the corporate limits of the town, and to use the towers, poles, lines, cables and other equipment and facilities, subject to all existing and future ordinances and regulations of the town.
   (B)   The installation of lines, including service drops to subscribers, shall be made underground in areas where telephone and power lines are underground.
   (C)   The grantee shall, at its expense, protect, support, temporarily disconnect, relocate in the same street or other public place, or remove from the street or other public place, any property of the grantee when required by the town by reason of traffic conditions, public safety, street vacation, freeway and street construction, change or establishment of street grade, installation of sewers, drains, water pipes, power lines, signal lines or any other type of structures or improvements, and the town shall not be liable for any disturbance of the grantee’s installations resulting therefrom. The grantee shall carry out the instructions and directions of the Town Clerk whenever it is necessary to raise or remove any of the grantee’s wires or cables temporarily, for the purpose of moving or removing buildings or structures on the public streets of the town, and shall perform the tree trimming or other maintenance work as shall be required or as shall be directed by the Town Clerk, all at the grantee’s expense.
   (D)   Whenever a grantee takes up or disturbs any pavement, sidewalk or other improvement of any street, the same shall be replaced and the surface restored in as good condition as before entry all in accordance with town ordinances, regulations, technical standards and fee schedules. Any opening or obstruction in the streets shall be guarded and protected at all times by the placement of adequate barriers, fences or boardings, the bound of which shall be clearly designated by warning lights of approved types.
(Prior Code, § O-I-7)