(A)   The Board of Aldermen may, at any time after a public hearing revoke any certificate issued by authority of this chapter for one or more of the following causes:
      (1)   Failure to operate the taxicab specified in the certificate in a manner so as to serve the public adequately and efficiently;
      (2)   Failure to maintain motor equipment in repair;
      (3)   Failure to carry liability insurance or bond as required by law;
      (4)   Failure to pay the town taxes or license fees of $15 imposed upon the taxicabs;
      (5)   Repeated and persistent violation by the taxicab drivers of traffic and safety ordinances or state laws relating to alcoholic beverages or prostitution;
      (6)   Failure to report accidents; and/or
      (7)   Willful failure to comply with any provision of this chapter or other ordinances or state laws relating to the operation of taxicabs whether the ordinances and laws be now in force or hereafter enacted into ordinances and into laws.
   (B)   No certificate shall be revoked until the owner has had at least five days’ notice by personal service or registered mail of the charges against him or her and of the time and place of the hearing. If, after the hearings it is found that the owner is guilty of one or more of the offenses listed herein, the Board of Aldermen shall have the power to revoke the certificate or to condition a revocation upon compliance of its order within any time fixed by it.
(Prior Code, § J-II-11)