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Sec. 14-1.   Definitions.
Sec. 14-2.   License required.
Sec. 14-2.1.   Location of Class E dance halls within 1,000 feet of a business serving or selling alcoholic beverages.
Sec. 14-2.2.   Reserved.
Sec. 14-2.3.   Exemption from locational restrictions for late-hours permits.
Sec. 14-2.4.   Exemption from locational restrictions for Class E dance halls.
Sec. 14-3.   Issuance of license; posting.
Sec. 14-3.1.   Late-hours permit.
Sec. 14-4.   Fees.
Sec. 14-5.   Hours of operation.
Sec. 14-6.   Inspection.
Sec. 14-6.1   Identification records.
Sec. 14-7.   Dance hall supervisor.
Sec. 14-8.   Persons under 17 prohibited.
Sec. 14-8.1.   Persons under 14 and over 18 prohibited.
Sec. 14-8.2.   Reserved.
Sec. 14-9.   Expiration of license.
Sec. 14-10.   Suspension.
Sec. 14-11.   Revocation.
Sec. 14-11.1.   Surrender of license after suspension, revocation, or denial of renewal.
Sec. 14-12.   Appeals.
Sec. 14-13.   Transfer of license or late-hours permit.
Sec. 14-14.   Penalty.
Sec. 14-15.   Injunction.