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SEC. 7-5.14.   APPEALS.
   If, under Section 7-5.13 of this article, the director determines that a dog is aggressive, that decision is final unless the dog owner files a written appeal with the municipal court within 10 days after receiving notice that the dog has been determined to be aggressive.  The appeal is a de novo hearing and is a civil proceeding for the purpose of affirming or reversing the director's determination of aggressiveness.  If the municipal court affirms the director's determination of aggressiveness, the court shall order that the dog owner comply with the ownership requirements set forth in Section 7-5.15 of this article.  If the municipal court reverses the director's determination of aggressiveness and, if the dog is impounded, the court may waive any impoundment fees incurred and release the dog to its owner.  (Ord. 30901)