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   (a)   If the chief of police determines that the presumptions in Section 27-48 of this chapter, as amended, are satisfied, the chief shall notify the owner of the property, in writing, of the chief's preliminary determination and shall provide the owner with notice to attend an accord meeting.  The notice must include a copy of this article.
   (b)   At the accord meeting, the following applies:
      (1)   The presumed owner may present evidence that the person is not the owner or that the owner has taken reasonable steps to abate the abatable criminal activity, including, without limitation, that the:
         (i)   owner has implemented CPTED principles at the property;
         (ii)   owner has implemented monitoring and surveillance systems at the property;
         (iii)   owner is in compliance with all regulations governing the owner's business;
         (iv)   owner is enforcing lease clauses related to reducing abatable criminal activity, such as tenant screening, enforcement of property rules, and regular tenant verification;
         (v)   owner is communicating abatable criminal activity to the chief and cooperating with the chief, as requested; and
         (vi)   property is in compliance with the standards set out in this code.
      (2)   The city attorney may attend the meeting as the chief's legal counsel and the owner may bring his or her legal counsel.
   (c)   The chief shall make all reasonable efforts to schedule the accord meeting during a time when the owner is available but not later than 30 days from the date the accord meeting notice is deemed received or is actually received by the owner, whichever date is sooner. 
   (d)   Not later than 30 days after the date of the accord meeting, the chief shall provide the owner with notice of the chief's final determination as to the presumptions under Section 27-48 of this chapter, as amended.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon request of the owner during the accord meeting, the chief may delay the notice of determination up to 60 days after the accord meeting, during which time the owner may present additional evidence under Section 27-49(b)(1) of this chapter, as amended.  If the owner does not appear for the accord meeting, the chief's determination is final as of the date of the accord meeting provided in the notice. 
   (e)   An owner who is provided notice pursuant to this article commits an offense if the owner fails to attend an accord meeting.  (Ord. 30714)